How to become a professional blogger? 12 keywords to become a professional blogger!

How to become a professional blogger?

Anyone who writes regularly on a blog can be called a blogger. The term blogging is one of the most talked about words on the internet these days. And why or why not! Because, the huge database of the internet that is being enriched is basically for the benefit of these bloggers!

By knowing the unknown, a blogger presents information in a more orderly manner, meeting people’s needs, problems, etc., improving himself, enriching his knowledge base, as well as presenting his writing in a more beautiful and logical way, managing a media, etc. He is a writer, has a thorough knowledge of web design, blogs and promotions, and is an independent source of income through his blog.

A blogger is always involved in the pursuit of knowledge. On the other hand, he shares his acquired knowledge with his readers.

Blogging is all about the status we post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter or whatever we write on Google Plus.

What is professional blogging? 

The posts we write on various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are mainly for our own personal satisfaction. We are satisfied with whether someone gave a like, whether someone shared a status, etc. Here, there is no effort to build a career or make money with blogging.

But when, you want to establish a blog / website, you want its brand name, you want its popularity, you want a lot of readers for each of your writings and everything you present will be as beautiful, fluent and regular as possible. You can make a living by finding a source of income, then you are thinking of professional blogging.

If you want to take blogging as a profession, or to be a Problogger, you need to learn the art of blogging! Blogging is a job where the practice of knowledge continues. Here, gaining knowledge and sharing it with Blogger visitors … this is the job.

Since you are reading this tune, it means that you may be interested in blogging or it is being created. Below are 12 key mantras for success in professional blogging. Hopefully, these will be helpful in meeting your interest.

12 keywords to become a professional blogger                                

1. Ability to write spontaneously

Writing is the main raw material of a blog. If we look at any one factory, we can see that they are using different types of raw materials to produce their products. For example, a paper production factory is producing paper by processing paper bamboo, jute or straw and selling it for supply in the market. Likewise, the main raw material of a blog is its writing. So, if you want to make your blog popular and its success, you need to publish beautiful writing in it.

Reading your writing will benefit your readers, make them happy or solve one of their problems. As a result, he can bookmark your blog so that he can return to your blog in the future.

Also, if your blog can impress her even more, she can tell her friends and this blog about it. In this you will get referral visitors from visitors.

That way, the popularity of your blog will continue to grow. And, these are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

To gift beautiful writing to readers, you need to have the ability to write beautiful beautiful articles. The ability to write beautiful articles does not grow in a day or two! Required for this:

  • Linguistic skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Adequate knowledge on the subject of writing
  • Regular writing habits
  • Skills on Creative Writing

If you have the skills on the above 5 topics, then you can give the gift of beautiful writing to the readers of your blog.

Here are some tips to increase your writing skills: 

  • More or less anyway! Write every day,
  • Writing should be valued, it should be noted while writing.
  • The reader should write keeping in view the problem. No matter what topic you are writing about, keep in mind that your writing can solve the problem completely.
  • Present quality completed articles. 
  • There should always be an effort to make your writing more standard. 

Do not use the same article structure in all types of writing. No matter what type of writing you write, think for a moment before presenting it. It could be that the same writing, just for presentation, could be too good or too bad. 

In your niche, the articles that are most likely to attract the attention of the readers, first write them and present them in the blog. 

The pillars of a blog are its Killer Articles. So, in addition to writing regular tunes, you also need to present some killer articles. Killer articles are articles that are written in 2000-5000 words and provide detailed information on a single topic. 

2. Knowledge about search engine optimization

Google is currently called the boss of the Internet. And at the heart of Google’s popularity is search. The other two search engines like Google are Yahoo and Bing. These two are not even close to the edge of Google’s popularity. What is the reason? The reason is that Google provides the most reliable search results.

If you want to be successful in blogging, you need to focus on search engine optimization. In fact, we would say that on Google optimization! Because, if you get a good position in Google, you will find it in others.

Search engine optimization is about making your blog content and other factors search engine friendly.

The main factors of search engine are …

  • Writing SEO friendly content.
  • Keyword research.
  • Link building.
  • Regular social media updates.

The main reason for saying the above factors is that you have to do these regularly. On the other hand, there are other issues that are presented below.

  • Blog Title and Description
  • Search engine crawling and indexing.
  • Sitemap submission.
  • Keyword research (ranking, keyword density, keyword target in writing, etc.)
  • Writing and updating SEO friendly content.
  • Link building
  • Alter tag
  • Anchor Tag
  • Link Juice (Duflo and Noflo Link)
  • Page rank
  • Use of Google Webmaster Tools
  • Use of Google AdWords Tools
  • Use of meta tags
  • HTML title tags (H1 to H6)
  • SEO friendly URL

Subsequent articles on SEO will provide an explanation of the above issues. To become a professional blogger, one must have sufficient knowledge in the above topics.

3. Knowledge about web design

A blogger must also have knowledge of web design. Because, as a result, he will be able to design his own blog and reduce the cost of designing the blog.

Moreover, even if he doesn’t want to design it himself, if he has knowledge about design, he will be able to realize what kind of blog design he wants and how to work with someone else. The blog designer, if he knows who he is working with, is experienced in design. So, designers and blog designers should work carefully.

What to look for when designing a blog: 

Simple design

Vision tolerant design. 

Aim for the reader to find something, that is, good user navigation.

Don’t use too much advertising. 

In short, the design has to be very interesting. However, it does not need to use heavy graphics. Simple design can be beautiful, it takes a lot of weight and can win the hearts of blog visitors. Example:

4. Establishment of Authorship

A blogger writes on his blog. A blogger basically updates the content on his blog. He always writes new articles and publishes them on his blog. Updates old texts by modifying (if necessary). Whatever he writes, the writings basically establish his authority. The visitors of that blog are fascinated or annoyed (!) By reading his writings.

We know that by presenting beautiful writing, visitors can be impressed and their trust can be captured on the blog.

Through beautiful writing, a blogger basically establishes his authority. For example, our Humayun Ahmed has established his own authority through his writings. If one reads 3-4 books of Humayun Ahmed, then he can easily enter into the rhythm of Humayun Ahmed’s writing and if he reads another book of Humayun Ahmed later, what kind of writing would he expect?

No reader sees you. Even if you see it, you may have seen a picture of it. However, writing your blog is enough to present you to him in a different way.

The rhythm of your writing, the method of presenting information, the simple explanation of a subject, the use of images or graphics in the writing, etc., present you to the readers of your blog to a certain extent. And it is through this presentation that your authority is revealed and established.

5. Gaining the confidence of the reader

If you can earn strong authorship, you can easily gain the trust of the readers. Reader confidence is essential for your blogging.

Gaining reader confidence is even more important when you want to build your career on blogging or your means of income with blogging. If the reader can rely on you, he can present you not only to himself, but also to his friends and acquaintances, to your writing. As a result you will get more new visitors / readers / readers.

On the other hand, you can increase the popularity of your blog by gaining the trust of new readers. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Because, like good writing is a pillar of a blog, visitors are the lifeblood of your blog. What is the value of a skeleton if there is no life !!!

6. Stay scheduled for writing

It is better to work for the blog in the allotted time for blogging success.

It was seen that you did a tune in the morning, one in the afternoon the next day, then you didn’t take any news about the blog for three days, then it is better for you not to do blogging! Because, it will take time for you to succeed, and you will be bored yourself.

If you want to be a professional blogger, set a time of day. At that set time, you will work for your blog.

7. Presentation of blog information

Whether your blog is rich in information matters a lot. Big blogs are getting a lot of visitors and making money. The only reason for this is their rich database.

Regardless of the content of your niche or blog, you need to make sure that your blog has enough content on it. If not, you have to make it. If you can enrich your blog with information, you can establish authority by gaining the trust of the readers. And as a result, your visitors will increase and if the visitors increase, the popularity of your blog will increase, the income will increase.

If you organize your writing, use beautifully matched images and tables, describe the body part of your writing in the form of points, which seems interesting and informative to your readers, you can easily win the hearts of the readers with your writing.

If you can win the mind of the reader, you can also win the mind of the search engine. As a result, both readers and search engines will send new visitors to your blog.

8. Niche selection

Niche selection is the selection of the content of your blog writing. The Internet is a huge world where there is a lot of information, data. Different types of bloggers are constantly writing on different topics. Someone is going to stop again a lot of the time.

If you can’t choose your niche correctly, you may need to stop at any time. Because, if the content of writing in the blog does not suit you, then your interest will decrease day by day. And if the interest in writing decreases, tell me how many more can you write?

Before choosing a blog post, think carefully about which topic you are most comfortable writing about. Choose a topic that you like to write about and that visitors like. If this is the case, visitors are less likely to search, but you have a lot of interest, then the problem.

So, through Google AdWords Tools, take a look at the topics you are thinking about, how Google searches for its keywords every month, how the CPC is and how it competes. More writing is coming up about the niche election.

9. Creating valuable content

The articles of a blog basically present the blog in front of its visitors. Therefore, the main goal of a professional blogger should be to present the contents of his blog as valuable and good writing as possible. That is, it will create better content.

There are basically two types of writing by a blogger …

  • Regular tune
  • Pillar Tune

Regular tunes: Regular tunes are between 500-600 words. Through regular tune, a blogger keeps his visitors regularly updated. Presents information on a small topic or tries to express a fairly complete idea about a topic.

Pillar Tunes: Pillar tunes are between 2000-5000 words. Such tunes are also called killer articles. These killer articles act like pillars of a blog. That is why they are called pillar tunes. They present in detail almost all the necessary information on a subject. Such tunes get more readership and more shares. That is, more reader engagement is available.

Moreover, it is possible to gain backlinks by such tunes. Very helpful to get good backlink search engine rankings.

Whether it is a regular tune or a pillar tune, a professional blogger has to highlight his / her own personality, skills, creativity etc. in writing all kinds of tunes.

10. Minimum cost execution

So far we have found information on how to enhance and display a blogger’s own skills on various topics in a blog. It has some management costs. Now, we need to know those.

A blog is basically a website. A website can be run in two ways …


Spend some money

If you want to do free blogging, you have to rely on Google’s Blogspot, or WordPress’s subdomain site.

Spending money: In this case you need to take a domain. The cost for one year will be 800-1200 rupees (Domain Cost) and a hosting plan (Hosting Cost-1000-2000) will also be taken. Typically, it will cost 1000-1500 rupees to start in the initial stage.

11. Make money

When your blog gets enough readership, you can create a source of income from it. There are many ways to make money from a blog …

Google Adsense (the most popular source of income for Bangladeshi bloggers)

Affiliations (eg Amazon, Clickbank, etc.) 

Write feature tunes

Write a review tune

Display personal aids

Above all, there are many other ways besides the way. However, the above systems are more reliable.

12. Write regularly

After so much discussion, it has become clear that writing is the main raw material of a blog.

So, if you really want to be a professional blogger and make money from blogging, then, you need to write regularly for your blog. If you can tune in regularly, you will also get benefits in search engine ranking. On the other hand, you can gain more trust from the visitors of your blog.

13. Overview

So far we have discussed 12 keywords of professional blogging. Although the discussions did not get a chance to be detailed, there was as little discussion as possible and there is a detailed tune on these issues.

However, now we will look at the most important elements of these 12 points together, as if they catch more in our heads …

Articles are the main raw material of a blog.

  • Writing regular articles helps in search engine ranking and it is possible to gain the trust of the visitors. 
  • Pillar articles are the cornerstone of a blog. 
  • A blogger needs to be proficient in search engine optimization. 
  • Writing good tunes makes it easier to gain reader trust. 
  • Gaining reader trust is an advantage in search engine ranking and readers also send more new readers to the blog. 
  • What is required for professional blogging on any subject – linguistic skills, adequate knowledge of the subject and the ability to present writing in fluent language. 
  • If you write regularly, your writing skills will increase. 
  • If you can gain the trust of the visitors, the popularity of the blog and the visitors will increase. And if the number of visitors increases, your income will also increase.
  • When choosing a blog post, keep in mind that there are enough readers and that the blogger has his or her own interests.
  • Blog design should be as simple, visually pleasing and rich in good navigation as possible.

We have come to the last stage of this long discussion. A lot has been said. There is a lot left to be said, which will come in the future through new tunes in stages inshallah.

However, in concluding this tune, I will say that blogging is a regular process. The things that it has, if it can be done regularly, then its success is bound to come.

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