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How to make money from Facebook – Learn 14 ways

How do I make money from Facebook?

This question peeks into the minds of many Facebook users. Maybe yours too.   

There is no denying that curiosity is normal. Lately, we spend most of our time on Facebook. Especially due to corona and lockdown, the number of social networking sites has increased. 

What if that habit or addiction opens the way to earn? If so, here are some of the best ways to earn money from Facebook.

How to make money from Facebook?

The way to earn money from Facebook is not less. Some of it direct, some indirect. That is, you can use social media to directly advertise your business or do Facebook marketing or online business. You can also find a job.

Indirectly, there are opportunities to attract people to one’s own business or to promote one’s own business. 

This time let’s talk in detail about how to make money from Facebook.  

Easy way to earn money directly from Facebook

Facebook page: 

There are ways to make money from Facebook pages. Suppose you have a small business. Make a Facebook page and put all the information about your business in it – store or office address, how long it is open, what services will match, contact number or email – everything should be appropriate. 

People who see this page on Facebook can become interested in your business.

But for that, you have to create your Facebook page properly. I know how to do it . 

Facebook Messenger:     

You can also market or sell your product or service with the help of Auto Messenger on your Facebook page.

Lately, chatbots have become a popular means of attracting business buyers. This automated chat page via Messenger will give people information about your business. He will also answer their questions. As a result, you can get new buyers.

Facebook group: 

One of the best ways to earn money from Facebook is undoubtedly to earn money from Facebook groups. Create groups on Facebook by subscribing to people who might be interested in your product or service. 

Then here are some ways you can earn money from a Facebook group:

1) You can upsell your own course or product or service 

2) You can sell your own event or workshop tickets 

3) You can make your group subscription-based where only exclusive content and networking opportunities will be available. But for that your group has to be very valuable because most of the groups are free. So your target customers will want to see what they can get from your group before spending money. 

4) You can earn income from Affiliate Commission by promoting other people’s products 

5) You can also use your Facebook group as part of your services. For example, if someone buys your course, they will have access to your Facebook group which is only for course buyers. Get etc. 

If you want to know more details, you can do our Facebook Marketing Course (taught in Bengali) where you can learn the various details of earning money from Facebook group and also more different ways of Facebook marketing. 

Facebook video 

There is also an opportunity to earn money from Facebook videos on this social networking site. In this system, Facebook runs ads that match the video. Facebook will pay you based on the number of views on the video and the ad. However, in the case of this way to earn money from Facebook, keep in mind that the ad will run in the middle of the video. Not before the start of a video like YouTube. 

However, there are some criteria for Facebook to make money from your videos, such as:

1) There should be 1 minute video views on 30 thousand 

2) You have to have over 10 thousand followers on your Facebook page 

3) You need to publish the video from your Facebook page, not from your personal account 

Facebook Event: 

Another known method of making money from Facebook is the Facebook event. Organize workshops, live events or discussions on various topics as a Facebook event. He will have the opportunity to earn money as a subscription or fee.      

Facebook Marketplace: 

Facebook Marketplace has the opportunity to promote and sell their products or services. Go to the Marketplace tab and provide all kinds of information and pictures about your product or service. If local buyers are attracted, you can buy online from there. This way of earning money from Facebook is also quite common now. You can also make a profit by buying local products from here and selling them at higher prices on reputed e-commerce portals. In this way, there is an opportunity to earn money from Facebook . 

Facebook Jobs: 

There are various jobs in your area in the Facebook Jobs section. This way is also open if you think about how to make money from Facebook. If you are a freelancer by profession, then you can continue to earn by participating in various freelance projects in the jobs section.

Social Media Manager: 

Facebook has become an addiction? All the details of Facebook, information, technical facilities are all at your fingertips. Use it to earn money from Facebook this time in the field of digital marketing. 

The fact that you have enough skills and knowledge in this regard will be noticed by your Facebook friends and target customers. As a result, they can choose you as their social media manager for their business needs. 

Whether it’s a freelance job or a full-time job – anything can go together! 

Use Facebook to let everyone know about your expertise. Regularly comment and post in various posts related to your field of expertise or in such groups. This will allow people to recognize you as an expert. As a result, there will be an opportunity to earn by joining the freelance work related to one’s own expertise.

But for that you need to know Facebook marketing very well 

You can do our Advanced Facebook Marketing Course in Bangla where we teach Facebook Page, Facebook Group Marketing, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Creative Creating, Copywriting and many more in detail so that nothing of Facebook Marketing is left out of your reach.  

Make a mistake on Facebook 

There are many ways to earn money from Facebook. If you find a technical flaw, bug or virus in Facebook, the Facebook authorities will reward you. Who can say, maybe your destiny has been shattered!       

Indirectly income from Facebook 

Limited Time Challenge: 

Competitions to attract business buyers or free products or services are also common. It can also be your tool in terms of income from Facebook. Many people want to take part in the Limited Time Challenge i.e. the opportunity to compete or win free products or services within a specified time. It is through this that they are attracted to that product or service and become buyers.

Local Facebook group:

Become a member of a variety of business, service or activity groups in your area. In some cases, groups can be created yourself. Stay active in the group by reacting or commenting on various posts. You can also run your own business. As a result, on the one hand, your own business will be promoted, as well as future buyers will be recognized. The preferences or needs of the group members will also be known. As a result, new business plans may come to mind. This is one of the ways to earn money from Facebook.

Promoting for others 

You can earn money from Facebook by promoting other people’s business, you know? Commissions are paid when various reputable companies share their discount opportunities on Facebook or post about the products they sell. Renowned e-commerce platform Amazon is one of them.

Income from meme too 

Do you regularly post or share funny memes on Facebook? Did you know that his wealth also has the opportunity to earn from Facebook? You can post funny memes posted on Facebook as designs of t-shirts or coffee mugs on online portals. If it is nominated, the company will give you money. Amazon has this arrangement.

Tie with the brand 

Are you quite a familiar face on Facebook? Do you like, comment or share anything you post, whether it is writing or any other activity? Number of fans over 1000, post engagement in video at least 15,000? Different brands may want to tie the knot with you. Get ready!

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