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The best ways of online income(par day 1500)

The best ways of online income

Are you working Or doing business? Or a housewife? No matter who you are, everyone has the right to earn money. The topic I will discuss today is that no matter what profession you are involved in, you can save the rest of your time and earn money by working online. Which can be an additional source of income for you. 

Nowadays almost everyone is aware that there are many ways to earn money online and many bloggers and freelancers are earning thousands of dollars daily from all these means.

The best way to earn money online

Today I will discuss with you about the easiest and most popular ways to earn money online in 2020 through which it is possible to earn a very good amount of income in 2020.

There are many people scattered all over the world who are earning millions of rupees online . There are many who are earning extra income by working overtime to be online. There are many people who are earning a good amount of money online by using the rest of their time in their job and business. Which may be an additional source of income for you.

Topic Index

  • The best sources of income in 2021 are:
  • Earn money by blogging
  • Revenue from Google Adsense
  • Income from YouTube
  • Android Apps Development :.
  • Earnings through affiliate marketing
  • E-Commerce Business:
  • Online class:
  • Digital Product Sales:
  • CPA Marketing:
  • Freelancing:
  • Income by writing articles
  • My last words:

The best sources of income in 2021 are:

Earn money by blogging

One of the main sources of online income is blogging. You can earn a lot of money by blogging through various means. For example, ad sales, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, selling services, even promoting someone’s product online, marketing someone’s business through your blog, etc. can be one of the platforms of blogging.

There are many scattered businessmen in the world today who are selling their products online and expanding their business through blogs. Complete blogging guide in Bengali

Revenue from Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an ad network of Google. It was released on July 18, 2003. There are currently more than two million Google AdSense publishers. And AdSenseGoogle is paying publishers more than 10 10 billion a month.

Surely you understand the breadth of Google Adsense . If you want, you can earn millions of rupees at home by using Google AdSense in your spare time, in your business leisure time, and in your spare time. Full Adsense Guide in Bengali

If you want to earn income from Google Adsense, you must first have a web site that you can earn income from using Google Adsense’s ad on the web site. Maybe it’s your free blog.

If you want, Google has a platform called Blogspot where you can create a website for free. You need to give regular content to your web site, post good things regularly that visitors will see and see your ads, and you can earn money from the army.

Or you need a youtube channel, if you have a youtube channel there are a lot of visitors then you can monetize adsense ads on that youtube channel to earn income. Or if you have an account in the Play Store and you are an app developer, then you can earn money from apps using Google AdSense ads in your app.

Income from YouTube

A YouTube channel can be a source of income for your whole life. If you have a YouTube channel, if there are a lot of visitors, then you can earn thousands of rupees per month from that YouTube channel .

The source of income from YouTube is Google Adsense which I discussed a little earlier. You can even earn a lot of money by sponsoring a company on your YouTube channel. You can even earn income by promoting someone’s product through YouTube.

If your channel is popular then you can earn income by reviewing any product.

Android Apps Development :.

In today’s world, it seems that there is not a single person who has not heard of Android. Understand the number of Android mobile users in the world today . And it also knows that those who use Android phones can install different types of apps in the Android phone and from there they can perform different types of work.

If you want, you can learn how to develop Android apps by uploading those apps to the Play Store, where you can earn income through advertisements and various product promotions. You can even earn income by developing paid apps and adding paid members.

Earnings through affiliate marketing

At present, the youth are largely leaning towards affiliate marketing. Because affiliate marketing is a very easy way to make money, even if you want affiliate marketing , there will be no need for your own product.

You can earn income from any good company by promoting any product through your blog or by selling different products using Facebook, Twitter and even social media. If you sell an affiliate product, there will be no hassle in delivering your goods, it will be entirely up to the owner of the product.

One of the platforms of affiliate marketing is Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, there are thousands of websites where you don’t have to deliver any goods to them, your only responsibility is to promote and sell their goods.

Whenever a product is sold from your link, he will deliver the product to the customer who owns that company. You will get commission from the middle.

E-Commerce Business:

At present there are many e-commerce businesses in Bangladesh . And they are earning a very good amount. E-commerce is a way to earn money online where you have a website and you have a lot of products.

Which you will reach to visitors and customers through online social media and your blog. And the customer will order that product from your website and that product will reach you at their designated place.

Selling products in this way is called e-commerce business. The future of e-commerce business is very bright now that everything is online. If you want you can plan an e-commerce business well.

Online class:

You are very good at any one subject. Maybe it’s drawing, handwriting, English teacher, math teacher, social media specialist, a good youtuber or web developer, or a good freelancer.

No matter if you are specialized or proficient in the job, you can deliver that job to the customers through online classes. And can determine for it. You may need a website for this. Or you can use Facebook or YouTube to promote your work.

There are currently many students who feel comfortable learning online. Searching online shows how many searches I have, how quickly I learn English, drawing rules, handwriting rules, etc. There are many categories. From which you can create an audience with your website in the form of a class by arranging any one subject of your choice. Or you can mobilize your students by creating a YouTube channel, publishing it on Facebook or sharing it on various social media. It can now be a very good online source of income .

Digital Product Sales:

The digital product is that the products have no physical cadre. You can sell products online by creating a website or a YouTube channel. It could be domain-hosting, blogger theme, wordpress theme, wordpress plugin, there are thousands of such products online that you can sell and make money online.

CPA Marketing:

You can now earn a good amount of money online by doing CPA marketing . At present, there are many young people in Bangladesh who are earning income from CPA marketing at home. . Even many young people from CPA marketing have chosen K as their profession. In 2021, CPA marketing may be one of your online sources.


At present there are many young people in Bangladesh who are earning a good amount of money every month by freelancing. And they have taken their freelancing as a profession. Entering online, it is seen that there are many children who are currently leaning towards freelancing.

Freelancing in 2021 could be a source of additional income for you. To become a freelancer you must be proficient in any one subject. It can be web design, web development, email marketing, social media marketing, article writing, search engine optimization, android apps developer.

There are thousands of jobs like this. If you want to do freelancing, there are thousands of websites like upwork.com, freelancer.com, fiber.com. You can start an account on any of these web sites.

Income by writing articles

Can you write good content? What do you like to recharge on? In that case you. You can earn a very good amount of money online by writing articles.

There is a lot of value in writing articles in the online marketplace nowadays. There are thousands of web sites where you can earn income by submitting your articles. Articles on freelancing websites like Freelancer Upwork are also very valuable.

My last words:

Don’t waste your precious time, choose any one job and start working today. I hope you will finally be successful. Many people say that it is not possible to earn money online, it is a complete lie.

If you know how to earn income then of course you can earn a very good amount of money online. Make sure you choose a job without wasting time and start earning money online.

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