Top ways to bring visitors to a new blog !!

How to get more visitors on a blog (How to drive more traffic on a new blog):

The thing we get upset about after opening a website is how to get more visitors in less days, right? And to implement this purpose of opening a website, you have to think like a marketer.

Yes, the way to get more visitors to a website or blog is to market your blog. It’s just that it’s not.

In today’s article we will learn a few simple ways on how you can easily bring more and more visitors to your blog. So that you can easily increase the visitors to your blog.

Ways to bring visitors to new blogs

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Top 10 Ways to Get Visitors to Websites –

  • Bring visitors to the blog by advertising
  • Give titles that will attract people-
  • Emphasis on on-page SEO-
  •  Start guest posting-
  • Give others the opportunity to do guest posting on your blog-
  • Post your content on LinkedIn-
  • Make site loading fast-
  • Comment in the comments section of another blog-
  • Finally-

Top 10 Ways to Get Visitors to Websites

At this stage of the discussion we will learn about 10 easy ways to bring visitors to your website. Let’s find out-

Bring visitors to the blog by advertising

If you are very busy with bringing more and more visitors to the blog, then you can come to the top in the search results by paying paid search i.e. Google or other search engines.

You can also get more visitors through more and more shares on social media. And this is the main way to bring your brand in front of people. For this you need to set some goals.

In other words, if you go to show paid ads on Facebook, but not everyone can be shown. You need to select the part of your content that will be read and run your paid search or show ads. And more shares on social media will also help to get more and more visitors.

Give titles that will attract people-

One statistic shows that 8 out of 10 visitors see the post title and enter the post. In other words, if your title is good, you can easily get 6 out of 10 visitors. And the title has to be something that makes people curious. For example , online income without investment . That title but undoubtedly enough to attract you.

Because anyone would want to earn a good amount of money without investing. So no matter who searches, you will find visitors in your post. And in this way a good headline or title can get you 7 out of 10 visitors.

Emphasis on on-page SEO-

No matter what you say, on-page SEO is one of the most important part of a site’s ranking or getting more visitors. Many people say that SEO is no more. But just think, Google’s search crawler remains.

And when crawling this crawler, it’s not about how good the content is, it’s about on-page SEO. And so look at on-page SEO.

Notice how you use keywords. How many times have you used it in the article, did you give ALT text in the image? If you have keywords in the meta description, you can write a good quality article and on-page SEO will be fine.

start guest posting

Guest posting but not dead yet. And that’s why so many sites are ranking today just by writing a good quality site. Yes, if you write a post on a big website where a lot of visitors come regularly and link to your blog, you will get thousands of visitors in no time . However, keep in mind that spammy is not a link.

It’s not that you wrote thousands of posts on thousands of sites and put them in it with the link of the blog. Rather, give where you need to.

Give others the opportunity to do guest posting on your blog-

Just as you can bring visitors to your own blog by writing on someone else’s blog, so too by giving others the opportunity to write on your own blog. You may wonder why people write on your blog?

The simple answer is to build your own portfolio. In Bangladesh, the issue of income in online is now a hot topic, just as those who work online also want a proof of the candidate’s previous work experience. And if you give someone this opportunity, they will probably not agree, will they?

And through this, the author will be eager to bring more readers to his post and the amount of his share will also increase. That means you can bring visitors from him in a few ways.

Post your content on LinkedIn-

One of the most popular social media platforms in the world today is LinkedIn, which is used only for business purposes or as a portfolio. It is not just a matter of finding a job. And by posting on it, you can easily get thousands of visitors for your content.

Make site loading fast-

Did you know that the number of visitors also depends on how fast your site is appearing in front of a visitor? According to one statistic, 40 out of 100 visitors return from the site because the site is not loading fast.

In other words, if you do not load the site quickly, you will lose 40 visitors in the beginning, which is a lot. And so if your goal is to get more visitors, you can never skip site loading.

Comment in the comments section of another blog-

You visit at least a few sites a day that are consistent with your site. So why don’t you look at the comment section below with a little movement? You may not get any results immediately by giving the link of the site in the comments section.

But sometimes someone can click on your comment and come back to your site, right? And in this way you can bring visitors to the site.


When you open a website, you will want to increase the number of visitors, this is normal. But the number of visitors will not increase overnight, right? You have to wait for this. And we have to work to increase the rank and bring in visitors. The above processes will basically help to increase the visitors of your site.

But not in a day. There is no benefit in sharing 100 on Facebook in one day. Instead, if you try to do 10 every day of the week, you will see that you are getting a good response. I hope the above things will work. And stay tuned to get posts like this.

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