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What is CPA Marketing? How does it work?

What is CPA marketing?

The full meaning of CPA is Cost Per Action. Many people now prefer CPA marketing because CPA marketing does not have to sell products like affiliate marketing and there are different types of offers. Suppose a website (such as Facebook) is looking for a number of new members for their website, now your job is to register your customer only on your affiliate link. This is called email submission.

If you do not take the product / service after registering your customer here, you will still get commission. But the affiliate market is different. You will not receive a commission until your product is sold in the affiliate market and this is why CPA marketing has become so popular online.

  • What do you need to have to work in CPA marketing?
  • You only need two things to do in CPA Marketing.
  •  (1) You must have a PC or laptop, CPA marketing cannot be done with mobile.
  •  (2) You must have an internet connection, be it broadband or modem.

What kind of income can be made from CPA marketing?

It depends on your work. However, if you work regularly and follow the rules, it is possible to earn over a thousand dollars a month. If you do not work according to the rules, not a single penny of income is possible. Those who are expert marketers in CPA, their income is above one lakh rupees per month. There are marketers who are earning 1 lakh rupees per day, which means 30 lakh rupees per month. It may sound strange, but it is real. If you stick to it, you too can earn more than a lakh rupees per month.

What offers are available at CPA?

There are different types of offers available at CPA. These include:

Pay per download:

Such offers are software downloads, games downloads, etc.

Pay per lead:

Such offers are sign up, email submission, etc.

Pay per sale:

Such offers are cell national such as health, insurance, etc.

There are also more different offers. 

For example: Financial, Casual Dating, Health, and Beauty, Gaming, PIN Submit, Survey, Mobile App, Travel, Ecommerce etc.

Some Terms of CPA Marketing Introduction

Advertiser: This is the site or person who advertises the product or service through the CPA network. Maybe he is a retailer, online retailer or merchant.


Publisher is the person who promotes a product or service from cpa for commission, in simple words here you, I am the publisher.

PPL (Pay-Per-Lead): In

simple language, you will be paid for each lead. Suppose – you advertised the product of an advertiser online to 100 CANADA citizens. Later, 10 of them filled out a form with names and email addresses. This means you get 10 leads and you will be paid for these 10 leads (in this case you don’t have to sell product or service, you will be paid not only for registration but also for filling up the form). PPL offers usually start from  $ 50. The commission is paid up to dollars.

PPS (Pay-Per-Sell): There

are many websites or services online where you have to pay to sign up, such an offer is called PPS Offer. If someone signs up for such an offer from your affiliate link, you will be paid a commission. PPS offers typically offer commissions ranging from $ 10 to $ 250.

What kind of person can learn CPA marketing?

  • 1. Who has minimum knowledge about internet
  • 2. 3 who are willing to make money online
  • 3. Who can spend 3 to 4 hours on the computer 4 times a day
  • 4. Who can stay for at least 1 year

Where to get CPA offers:

There are many CPA networks in the world. However, not all CPA networks are trusted. There are many CPA networks who have no good offers. Good offers here say that the offers will not really benefit anyone. As such no CPA network has an offer regarding student loans. But they do not lend to anyone at all. Again, they publish some offers that do not last long. So CPA network selection needs to be done with a little calculation. Currently 3 of the best CPA networks are mentioned below. You will get instant approval on these networks. There are a few such networks

  • 1. CPAgrip: Sign up
  • 2. Adworkmedia: SIGN UP
  • 3. CPALead: SIGN UP

 Some of the mobile CPA networks are YeahMobi, Matomy, ClicksMob, Avazu, Private, ClickDealer, GoWide, Exchange (APX),

You can also select different CPA networks by looking at the reviews of different CPA networks from Affpaying.com.

Registration procedure in CPA network:

Register by clicking on any one of the above three CPA marketplaces. Registration is very easy and does not cost any money, you have to register with your name, address and email id and almost all CPA network sites want to know about your promotion method or plan when signing up, meaning to give a detailed description of how you will promote its offers. Will. In that case, copy-paste this text given below.

“I am planning to advertise my links and earn money by creating websites, youtube videos, and also advertising with PPC and PPV (bing ads, Facebook ads, and lead impact). I plan on making a website for each niche I have and also plan on doing some SEO to get it high on the Google ranking system. I will dedicate and spend a few hours of my day for achieving this. I hope to be earning from your website soon. ”

If you say – Incentive Traffic: Yes / No. You will give No. Incentive traffic means whether or not you bring traffic with people you know.

You also need to provide a website link, in which case you can provide with youtube.com.

How to promote CPA offers?

First of all you have to choose a specific topic to promote CPA offer. By doing this you will get some targeted audience and if you want you can create your own target audience. Suppose you worked on a health and fitness topic. In that case, your target audience is those who want to lose weight or keep their body fit. If you want, you can open a related group on Facebook, add members there and easily promote your offers to them. As the days go by, your audience will increase and your income will also increase. This is how expert marketers make such a good income.

When you get approval on a CPA network site, you will get your dashboard by logging in to that site. Go to the dashboard and select the offer of your choice. You will get your link in that offer. You will promote that link. Suppose you are working on a game of your choice. Then you will choose the gaming offer. Then promote your link in game related place.

At present, big marketers are up in arms with CPA. They are promoting the offers through paid campaigns. Again, there are many successful marketers who are still working on free traffic or visitors. So you can start with free traffic and free traffic is recommended for beginners. 

Free traffic sources include YouTube video marketing, blog tumenting, forum tuning, article marketing and social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. But of course not by spam. We have to move forward with long term planning. But nowadays YouTube video marketing is very popular. YouTube Video Marketing in a nutshell- Create videos related to your offer, create a channel on YouTube, upload the video there, give a good title,Write a description and link your offer there. 

Then share your video in different places. But I think the default shares of YouTube are enough. Another bonus in YouTube video marketing is the revenue from Google Adsense. So together you can earn two. Read a little about YouTube and other free traffic.

I hope you understand the words, if you have any questions, please comment.Thanks

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