What is Email Marketing? How to do email marketing?

There are different ways of marketing. But the most powerful way to market online is through email marketing. Email marketing is an effective and important technique of online marketing. This will allow you to promote your product to many customers in a very short time.

We all know a common saying, that propaganda is spread. The more people you show the product to, the more people it will reach. And the way to reach this is marketing.

Email marketing is about expanding your business as well as building closer relationships with your customers. That is why various organizations are now leaning towards email marketing.

With Email Marketing you can easily grow your business and reach the customers of your choice effortlessly.

Who doesn’t use e-mail in this digital age? If you use Android, you can’t download an app to your phone from the Play Store without email.

Currently, the number of people without email is very low. So you can easily deliver your product to your customers.

In fact, email marketing will soon become a central part of every business marketing strategy.

What is Email Marketing?

As I said before, marketing is a way to promote something. And the way to promote a product or service to the customer through email is called email-marketing.

Why do email marketing?

There are many reasons to do email marketing. There is no substitute for email marketing to grow your business in this digital age.

The largest companies in the world work with email marketing. Reasons why email marketing can be done:

Increase product sales

To build a good relationship with the customer

To increase the number of customers

To keep the customer updated with the customer all the time

To gain customer loyalty by providing instant service to the customer

Why is email marketing necessary?

One question that may come to your mind is how is email marketing so effective? Below I will tell in detail about this.

  • It is possible to reach the customer at the specified time via email.
  • The number of spam emails has decreased a lot as the spam filter has improved. As a result, the credibility of email marketing has increased a lot.
  • Various websites such as promotion through other social media. Promoting through these means that not all customers will see them, but your product or service will reach the customer’s inbox via email.
  • Email marketing is suitable for any business, big or small.
  • Email marketing is much easier and cheaper than other types of marketing.
  • Regularity is very easy to maintain here and many things can be done automatically.
  • Email marketing can be a great way to spread the word. As a result, the sales volume may increase a lot.
  • Earnings from email marketing
  • You and I all know that online companies are earning the most money during this lockdown. 

Moreover, the number of freelancers has also increased at a huge rate.

Email marketing revenue has also increased a lot at this time. Roughly 2020 can be said to be the best year to make money from email marketing.

The most notable ways to make money from email marketing are:

  • Creating HTML templates
  • Create email templates with HTML and CSS
  • Create email templates by converting from PSD to HTML and
  • Writing email content and selling it in different marketplaces.

However, if you want to start earning money with email marketing, you need to acquire good skills in this regard from one of the organizations or various online platforms or YouTube.

So we will skip the above topics and discuss two simple email marketing tips today.

You do not need to acquire special skills to earn these two ways. These are: Earnings by creating email lists and income through affiliations.

Earn by email list

It is better to have a website in case of I by creating an email list. However, even if there is no website, there is no reason to be afraid. There are two ways you can do email marketing.

For the website:

The website must have a pop up form. In the case of Top of Form, WordPress users can use the lightbox pop-up plugin.

The website must have a subscriber form. You can use WordPress Mail Chimp for the subscriber form.

Without a website:

Those who do not have a website need to keep an email submission form while commenting on various posts on different social platforms or posting forums in different forums and promoting the affiliate through the landing page. Dreamweaver can be used for landing pages.

The more time you spend on email marketing, the bigger your email list will be. Then you can do such affiliate marketing with emails

Moreover, you can earn huge amount of money by selling it in different freelancing platforms like freelancer, upwork, fiverr etc.

Affiliation through email marketing

Before you start affiliate marketing through email marketing, you need to decide what type of email you want to send. In that case, you need to keep an eye on a few things.


New Services: Customers need to be notified via email as soon as a new product or service is added to the business.

Updates or Changes: Customers need to be notified immediately when any business policy or service is updated or changed.

Event Management: Customers need to be notified if there are any discounts or offers on special days or special occasions.

Confirmation: If the customer wants to know information about any subject or if he / she has participated in any offer or if he / she has made any changes or modifications, he / she has to inform the customer through confirmation message.

Co-marketing: If you launch a service jointly with a marketing company, you need to be notified by email.

Canceled cart: The buyer was interested in buying a service or product, but for some reason did not complete the purchase. The buyer must be notified by mail about that cart.

Videos or tutorials: Let customers know when you write product videos or online tutorials.

Then comes the matter of how you do these things. You will get a lot of free and paid software online to do these things.

Below are the names of some notable software:

Mail Chimp

Mailchimp is  a popular email marketing software. This is best for beginners. Carrot is easy to set up and the user interface is standard enough.

Mailchimp’s free plane is completely free to send 2000 subscribers and 12000 mails per month. Paid plans start at ড 10.

Vertical Response

Vertical Respose is a popular email marketing software. There are various tools through which you can easily create different email campaigns.

Completely free to send 1000 subscribers and 4000 mails per month on Vertical Respose’s free plane.

You need to design a page template to send emails. If you can’t design the template, you can change it from the default templates provided by the software to the desired template and customize it to your liking.

However, in the case of sorting must be designed separately for mobile and computer.

Design the template the way you need or like it.

When all of the above is done, your email will be ready to be sent. When sending emails, keep in mind that customers will not be bothered if you send the emails after a long time.

If you don’t get the desired results after sending the emails, that is, if there is no significant improvement in your business, then analyze the emails well and think carefully about what kind of email to give to which type of customer. Refrain from giving anyone an email that someone dislikes.

Things to keep in mind in email marketing

There are a number of things to keep in mind when it comes to email marketing. Refrain from emailing anyone. Target specific customers. You need to focus on achieving the goal every time you campaign.

One thing to keep in mind at all times is not to do any kind of spamming. Don’t send mail to anyone unnecessarily. Keep collecting emails from customers who are interested in your product or service. The more interesting the design of the email, the more the customer will be attracted.

If you plan to do email marketing for marketing, keep sending regular emails to your customers. Email marketing is expected to grow your business by providing regular updates and product updates to customers.

Email marketing is not just about income and expenses. Through email marketing you will strive to build long term relationships with customers.

So friends, that’s all for today. If you like the article, you must share it. And if you have any questions about email marketing, let us know in the comment box. I will try my best to reply. Thanks.

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