What is Google? Who is the father and founder of Google and in what year was it discovered?

It’s hard to find people who don’t know Google. But there are many who may not know about Google, its work or use. But if you’ve ever used the Internet, you’ve used Google at least once to find information on the Internet. Let’s not know the details about Google then.

What is Google?

Google is the largest web search engine in the world. Search engine is an application or tool based on the Internet Baweb that people use to get any information from the Internet very quickly and easily.

The Google search engine is the most commonly used tool for extracting information from the Internet. is the most visited website in the world.

Nowadays Google has become a multinational company and there are many more types of products in the market besides search engines. Such as – Google Cloud Computing Service, Google Play Store, Adsense etc.

Google’s biggest revenue comes from its online advertising. You will be surprised to know that Google’s daily income is around Rs 6 crore.

But no matter how successful Google is, keep in mind that Google started with just one web search engine. Let’s not know more details about Google then.

What is Google’s full form?

Google’s full form is the Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. Officially Google has no full form. The word Google is derived from the word Googol. It means “very large number”.

When is Google’s birthday?

Google’s birthday is celebrated on September 26 every year. Thus, Google was included on September 4.

Who is the father and owner of Google?

Google’s father is Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When he received his Ph.D. at Standford University in California. Was doing, then starting work on Google as a research project. And as a result of their success, we got Google.

Many people own Google. Google is actually a publicly-traded company. The people who bought the shares of Google are basically the owners of Google. As such, Google has millions of owners.

But Google has the most shares

  • LarryPage – 27.4%
  • Sergey Brin – 26.9%
  • Eric Schmidt – 5.5%

History of Google / In what year was Google founded?

Google Company was started in 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin to promote Google search. In a very short time, it has become the most used web search engine.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin were both Ph.D. students. Together they created a search algorithm. Whose name was BackRub. It was later renamed Google.

In 1996, Google was launched as a search project only. And the name of this project was BackRub. This project was successful after overcoming various obstacles and later its name was Googly Search.

The search engine did not have its own domain at the time of research. They used the and domains from the Standford University site. The domain name was first registered on September 15, 1997.

Google Name History

Google’s name was BackRub when doing research. The project was named Google after its success. Many people may wonder what is the meaning of the name Google? Why is it named Google?

The name Google is derived from the spelling of the word Google. The word Google has a lot of importance in numbers. This means that 100 is 0 (zero) after 1. The reason for giving this name is that this search engine will be able to solve the information we are looking for. That is, the search engine will provide us with a much larger amount of information.

Larry Page created a computerized version of the Google logo or letter in 1998 using a free graphic software. The name of the software is GIMP.

What is the purpose of Google?

Google was the first web search engine. The purpose of which was to provide the various information on the Internet as easily and accurately as we need. Google is working for this purpose.

Nowadays Google is not just a search engine, it is a multinational company. It has many more purposes than simply providing accurate information by search engines.

Google has many products or services. Such as – Android OS, Google Chrome browser, Gmail, YouTube, Google Adsense, Google map, etc.

In other words, Google’s goal is to make the lives of ordinary people easier, simpler and better. Also, with the advent of new online or web services by Google, online life has become much easier.

Some of the famous products of Google and their work

In any case, Google has many kinds of working apps, software, online services. Below I will tell you about some of the best Google products.

Google Drive

Using Google Drive, you can easily save any file, software, image, PDF, video, etc. to Google’s cloud storage. This will save the storage space of your phone or computer and you can download those files again from anywhere.

Google map

Currently almost everyone uses Google Maps. Using this service we can easily find the location or address of any place.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online through advertising from the internet.

Google Play Store

We can easily download any app for mobile through Google Play Store.

Google Translate

It is a service that can be used to translate any language into another language.


Currently YouTube is a medium through which we can watch any video. Besides, money can be earned through this.

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