What is Microsoft? Something we don’t know about Microsoft.

Microsoft  is one  of the few big companies in the world that has not heard of such a name. Where we usually hear about companies like Facebook, IBM, etc., we know very well from the same Microsoft company.

In fact, the company of Microsoft is best known to us as Windows. Windows is actually an operating system made by this Microsoft company that is used on our computers.

Something we don’t know about Microsoft, we should know.

    We are standing in the present day, when talking about any computer or laptop, and the Windows operating system and the Windows operating system is in aseara Microsoft made by the world’s most popular operating system.

    Microsoft’s Windows operating system is considered to be the most secure of all the operating systems in the world. Although Apple’s MAC, Linux (ubuntu) operating system is available in the market.

   However, for all computer users, Windows is a popular operating system that has enabled Microsoft to introduce itself so much today. But we don’t have much idea about what or when Microsoft came out.

    When we search online by typing Microsoft or Windows , it gives us some idea about its founder Bill Gates.

    Microsoft has some information that we don’t usually get from any website or online. In this article I will discuss some of the information that we do not know and are very popular.

What is Microsoft?

   Microsoft is the world’s largest information technology company. This company was created by a famous person Bill Gates but there are some things about this company that we don’t know.

    The first Microsoft company was started by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. Although we usually know about Bill Gates, we don’t know anything about Paul Allen. During this time Bill Gates was studying at Herbert University while Paul Allen was studying at Washington State University.

    The first Microsoft company to be created had a hyphen attached to its two names, the first being Microsoft and the second being T-Soft. Micro-soft 

    But later in 1981, High Panty was removed from the middle, and the name was changed directly to Microsoft. And when the company was first established, it was established in New Mexico, then in 1979, it was moved to Washington. More later in 1986 it was brought to the Red Ment .

    Red Ment is the headquarters of Microsoft. Where all Microsoft products are developed. So today we got to know this unknown information where is the headquarters of Microsoft.

    It hasn’t been public for almost 11 years since Microsoft was started. Bill Gates became a billionaire within a year of the company’s software being unveiled. Which was the first of a young billionaire.

    By 1995, Bill Gates, the head of Microsoft, had become one of the richest men in the world. And Microsoft’s total network is worth .9 12.9 billion.

    But it’s not just that Microsoft made Bill Gates a billionaire, it’s that Microsoft made Bill Gates a billionaire as well as many more people. For example, Microsoft’s former CEO, Mr. Steve Plower, made billions.

     It’s probably an unknown fact that Microsoft files 3000 patents every year and at the same time they have more than 48,000 patents in their hands today.

    When Microsoft XP was about to hit the market, it was first named Oxygen. So it was Windows Otu (O2). But later it was made windows-xp.

    You might be even more surprised to learn that such a large company did not have a website of its own until 1995. Which they later made.

We rarely hear about viruses on computers but do you know the name of the virus that first attacked Windows. The first virus to appear in Microsoft Windows was WinVer 1.4 . The virus was first seen in 1992. However, earlier versions of Windows did not detect the virus.

    You know that there is a rift between Microsoft and Apple. But in 1997, when Apple faced a huge problem, Billgates’ Microsoft extended a helping hand. Microsoft then invested দে 150 million with Apple.

    Then when Apple later returned to its previous state, all of Microsoft’s investments and shares were returned to Billgates by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

    Billgates’s popularity is not just for Microsoft Windows, but for his intelligence in general. Psychologists have measured his IQ at 160 on his IQ. If a person’s IQ is above 140, he is considered a genius.

    Many small and large companies worked in Microsoft software company because it was one of the first big information technology companies in the world .

Some more interesting facts not to know about Microsoft

     You may not know that Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs were once friends. Most of the software that Microsoft mac-dos initially created was for the Mac.

    Some time later, the two big companies became enemies of each other, but in 1997, when Apple Bank was on the way to becoming a craft, Microsoft saved him.

   Steve Jobs gave his own introduction to Bill Gates’ sketch when Apple was saved by Microsoft. In other words, in the first life, friendship, then the enemy, then again, these two companies became friends.

    Microsoft created some wonderful things that took Microsoft to the pinnacle of development. In 1994, a watch company called Time Max partnered with them to create a smartwatch called Data Link One Fifty . And it is called the world’s first smartwatch.

    Microsoft created many new technologies, such as real-time transition technology, an Internet-enabled TV, and even computers and tablets. But most of these technologies could not come to the market.

     And those that came on the market did not become very well accepted in the market. So all of these technologies from Microsoft are very valuable but not very popular. 

    The main reason for Microsoft’s failure was that it was created by Microsoft at a time when some other companies were making better things out of them.

   And you know very well about Microsoft’s gaming console. Whose name is Microsoft Xbox . At first the name of the technology was Direct Xbox. Later, Direct was removed from it and renamed as Xbox. 

    The name Direct is intended to be an API that allows you to play games with graphics directly from the gaming console at Microsoft. Even today, Direct API is used in Xbox.

    Microsoft is such a big engineering company but it is surprising to know how they hire their engineers. There is a beautiful story behind it.

   When Microsoft interviews their software engineers, there are a lot of weird questions – for example, if you were to make a coffee maker for an astronaut, how would you make it, how would you design it?

    In fact, some of these surprises are asked in interviews with Microsoft’s software engineers because they ask such questions to see their creativity. That means it doesn’t matter that Microsoft will actually make coffee for Astronut.

    Microsoft’s questions about these types of interviews, which were later used by other big companies, also gave jobs to software engineers. Companies like Google, Yahoo, etc. used to ask their software engineers about various surprises.

    The laptop that Microsoft created, called the Microsoft Surface , was made up of tens of thousands of patents. 

    Where we use the most people, Google / Google , Microsoft started a search engine for itself called Bing search engine . When the FIFA World Cup was underway in 2014, the Bing search engine predicted that the final match of the World Cup would be between Argentina and Germany.

    Microsoft has so far bought and associated about 190 small companies. For example, in 2014, Microsoft bought Nokia, one of the world’s leading mobile companies. The total cost of buying Nokia was 8 8 billion.

    The main purpose of buying Microsoft’s Nokia company was to enter the mobile world. For this, Microsoft changed the name of Nokia to HMD Global, but this effort did not last long.

    Microsoft entered the mobile world to gain market share, but failed to do so, and at the same time Nokia drowned the company a bit. Surely you understand how ridiculous it is.

Microsoft is one of the largest IT sector or information technology companies in the world. We all know about this company but there are some things about this company that we didn’t know. I have shared these words about this company that I know to let you know. Hopefully these issues seem very acceptable to you.

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